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The Importance of Flooring Design in Hospitality

Reverb by Hard Rock Hotel - Atlanta, GA.

Flooring is an important part of every hotel and helps to carry out the story within. Our design team works to create a vision that fits perfectly as a piece of that unique story.

As guests walk through a hotel, the unique characteristics of the interior design not only help transform the space but can also help tell the story and honor the tradition of the building or brand itself.

Flooring is the anchor and design foundation of every hospitality space, and the personalized combination of pattern, texture, and color will turn the blank canvas of a building into a livable, functional work of art. From reliable performance to gorgeous, detailed touches, Tarkett Hospitality knows the importance of flooring design to create a memorable experience:

Innovative Product Offerings

It starts with Tarkett Hospitality’s wide-ranging array of products, which is one of the broadest product portfolios in the industry. Along with tufted broadloom designs, Axminster carpets, and award-winning custom designs, Tarkett Hospitality offers a wide range of hard surface products that provide long-lasting performance in an array of designs, price points, and installation options.

Next, it’s about tailoring the ultimate design vision of a space including product, color, and design choices to the client’s flooring budget without compromising quality. Tarkett Hospitality is committed to keeping cost-per-key lower as a dedication to hospitality ownership or management when developing or renovating a property.

Hilton Garden Inn - Mobile, AL.
The Diplomat Beach Resort, Curio Collection by Hilton - Hollywood, FL

Product samples are created for customer review and once they are approved, Tarkett Hospitality creates the eye-catching finished flooring products that are quality engineered to last and easy to maintain. The right flooring will create a first impression that truly delivers a “Wow” factor! As people notice, respond, and connect with a hospitality space, an early positive connection is fostered with the company and service.

Telling Stories That Last

At Tarkett Hospitality, the close-knit creative design team serves as a vessel for hospitality businesses to share their individual history and perspective. With an awareness of the trends in the market and worldwide, as well as keeping up with the fast-paced changes in the modern business world, Tarkett Hospitality aims to think ahead while delivering visions that honor a respective company lineage.

Quality flooring choices will become more important than ever as people are anxious to get back out in the world, visit exciting places, and experience new things. For many travelers, even a dazzling, interesting hotel alone can represent a fantastic vacation or staycation. The hospitality industry has a life cycle of 5-10 years for how often materials are replaced and Tarkett’s responsibility is to make products that last longer and continue telling the story for as long as possible. 

Human-Conscious Design

Tarkett Hospitality’s flooring philosophy also revolves around human-conscious design, or using a profound understanding of the business, a commitment to connection, and maintaining collaboration throughout the design process to ensure that the final surfaces best serve people and the environment. In addition to using healthy materials and thoughtful designing and manufacturing processes, Tarkett Hospitality also focuses on achieving superior indoor air quality through flooring.

Hospitality companies are still navigating the future of the industry, which will add emphasis on cleanliness standards, possible social distancing measures, as well as favoring flooring that is easier to keep clean. Taking a unified human-conscious design approach produces an underlying positive effect and service spirit to the flooring creations and choices, which will also carry over to the hospitality space once installed and for the life of the flooring products, as well as help reassure everyone in society moving forward.


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After a few years of reduced travel and gatherings to promote safety, people around the world are ready to explore and connect like never before. As a worldwide leader in innovative flooring that serves more than 100 countries across the globe, Tarkett Hospitality is committed to providing custom surface solutions that contribute to the health and well-being of all, while sharing the legacy of every cherished space.