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The Evolving Hotel Industry in 2022 and Beyond

To meet incredible demand, recognize changing demographics, and cater to new preferences, the hotel industry is currently expanding and evolving in many ways that prioritize one-of-a-kind experiences. 

At Tarkett Hospitality, we have always strived to deliver a “wow” moment for our hotel clients and offer a custom design program that uses product, color, and design choices to create one-of-one surfaces, rooms, and spaces that truly tell a story. Combined with Tarkett Hospitality’s human-conscious philosophy that the final surfaces best serve people and the environment, our healthy materials, biophilic designs, and environmentally conscious manufacturing ensure that wellness and sustainability are a part of everything we do.

By positioning our work towards these objectives, it’s easier for our hotel clients to meet the needs and tastes of travelers while navigating the latest industry and travel trends. One thing is for certain, the types of hotel accommodations that travelers can select from are expanding like never before! Here are a few of the exciting developments that we will witness throughout the evolving hotel industry in 2022 and beyond:

Demand & Development

After the lockdowns and travel restrictions of recent years, it’s no secret that everyone is itching to travel again. Since consumers are not taking the ability for granted again, there is a great increase in all travel both nationally and globally and more bucket list trips are rapidly being booked. This demand shows no signs of slowing down and as a result, the hotel industry will boom as the world continues to go back outside! Many hotels used the lengthy lockdown periods to reinvest in construction, renovations, and new developments. Additionally, the continued development of smart hotels and technological innovation will only grow as tech-savvy travelers demand enhanced features such as mobile door keys, online review monitoring, customer service texting and reminders, voice-assisted room functions, self-service bracelets, and more. To cater to more wide-ranging tastes, traditional hotel giants are branching out with new individual hotel brands to offer greater differentiation and value points in the market.

Going Green

Now that Millennials have become the largest generation in the US workforce, the newfound buying power and ideals of this demographic will help shape the hotel industry for the next decade. Millennials have long demonstrated their financial support for brands that go green, manage their environmental impact, and communicate their initiatives publicly to influence other companies and industries to do the same! From removing single-use plastics throughout the hotel experience to monitoring the use of water and sourcing food from local farms, hotels are instituting more sustainable measures to create a greater positive impact on both the local community and society. New hotel builds are also using more clean, eco-friendly products that are certified for indoor air quality, material transparency, and environmental product declarations. 

Competitive vs. Collaborative

Once a shrewd traveler’s secret for finding a less expensive place to stay, Airbnb quickly exploded in the travel world and was perceived as a threat to the traditional hotel industry. Hotel giants have now realized that companies like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Misterb&b are permanent fixtures and can help provide a unique solution to the growing demand. Privately owned Airbnb rentals can be a hit-or-miss experience when it comes to cleanliness, security, timeliness, and overall quality. Most travelers still view hotels as a superior travel experience when it comes to cleanliness, consistency, liability, and customer service. As the Airbnb brand expands as an actual builder and seller of houses, greater corporate ownership paves the way to work in tandem with hotel chains to provide overflow strategy and group sales strategy. To rival the uniqueness of an Airbnb experience, we will also see hotel brands purchase and design more creative, standout properties to break away from the uniform, cookie-cutter look of a standard chain. 

Experience-Based Hotels

Today’s travelers are visiting specific locales and reserving certain hotels around the experiences they crave and their greatest interests. Music-based and sports-based hotel experiences are growing in cities that feature exceptional legacies or followings in either area. For the growing ‘bleisure’ travel segment, hotels are looking to expand leisure offerings after the business portion of a trip is complete. In addition to health, wellness, and yoga retreats, many are looking to staycations to provide a rejuvenating break from daily life without the hassle of long-distance travel. Dog-friendly hotels and pet-friendly amenities in hotel rooms will continue to grow as pet owners insist their favorite furry friends join them in new places. Soon, we will also see more hotels developed around entire brands such as home goods companies, electronics brands, TV and movie franchises, and more interests. 

Whether a traveler is visiting a hotel for business, leisure, or wellness, there is still a premium on a restful stay and receiving an experience that is worth the money to purchase the reservation. Tarkett Hospitality is committed to providing innovative, custom surface solutions that contribute to collective wellbeing and help craft memorable hotels that are shared across social media for all to see! 

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