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Tarkett Hospitality at BDNY + 2022 Year-In-Review!

Tarkett Hospitality launched the Expression Collection in November at the 2022 Boutique Design New York event. This exciting event capped a full year of growing brand awareness and innovative custom flooring. 

When the widely attended 2022 Boutique Design New York event drew to a close on November 14th, 2022, Tarkett Hospitality officially and successfully launched the Expression Collection at booth #1637. 

In addition to being one of the five participating booths for the BDNY Tour2Win raffle, Tarkett Hospitality had the chance to debut the Expression Collection and showcase how color customization can transform designs to better tell a captivating story. 

“What we really wanted to do was make a statement. We wanted to be bold. We wanted to bring up topics that matter to the designers, to our community, and to the guests that use and stay in our spaces,” explains Amber Osiecki, director of creative design. 

“We premiered a brand-new booth design and wanted to show as much product as we could to tell our custom collection story, as well as our Tarkett Hospitality Tailored Solutions story.”

The Expression Collection presents an inclusive, multi-layered design evolution that emphasizes self-expression, and pulls from an earthy color palette of creams, browns, and charcoal, with dashes of sage and fuchsia. 

The eye-catching blends of abstract, artistic creativity can be customized with Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), or tufted constructions, along with a variety of fiber types, texture, color, and pile weight options. According to Osiecki, the desired statement was certainly made and warmly received: 

“The collection seemed to resonate with so many people. We wanted to help designers create spaces that represent the people using them. Finally, as a community, we are recognizing that people don’t fit into predetermined molds, especially as it relates to gender. We love seeing how this has played out in fashion, but you have to remember that people express themselves through more than attire- they use art, personal spaces, writing, music, and beyond.

We want to help drive the concept of self-expression, the fluidity of our gender expression, and how ‘who we are’ is multi-faceted by touching on this topic in interiors, especially in hospitality, where we want people to feel welcomed.”

Tarkett Hospitality 2022: A Quick Year-In-Review

Throughout all the exciting events, developments, and product launches in 2022, the goal for Tarkett Hospitality is always to create brand awareness and tell the most important story: Tarkett Hospitality can create Tailored Solutions that work for all projects within different budget parameters: 

“We have such a wide array of products and construction types, that we can really work with any project at any level,” Osiecki explains. “I think the hospitality design community hears us and sees us. They know who we are and what we can do.”

“We have partnered with some of the greatest brands and rolled out some beautiful product in great room designs. We are honored to not only be included as a preferred vendor on so many brands but also as a partner with the brands to help them create their ultimate vision and find their voice.” 

In addition to impressive brand partnerships and the launch of Expression Collection, custom capabilities with Axminster were a focal point of 2022, as well as the soft launch of the versatile carpet tile program. 

With many new, emerging trends identified for 2023, the future of Tarkett Hospitality will offer no shortage of striking, innovative design solutions that tell unique stories and create more unforgettable experiences!

Product Spotlight

New Collection Launch: Expression

Taking cues from groundbreakers in music and high fashion, our brand-new Expression Collection presents an inclusive, multi-layered design evolution that emphasizes self-expression. 

Gone are the days of ‘traditional’ in today’s world of design! Spurning conventional gender-specific colors and design elements, a growing number of modern hospitality spaces reflect the evolving notions of masculine and feminine aesthetics.

Rather than adhere to rigid style definitions, the blurring of décor rules can help designers create unique spaces, which makes guests from all walks of life feel welcome. The Tarkett Hospitality Design Team strives to examine expressive, multi-layered visuals through the art of textiles. 

With this thoughtful guiding inspiration, Tarkett Hospitality’s eclectic, individualistic, and multifaceted Expression Collection marks an exciting custom-carpet debut that allows all visitors to walk away with a unique experience and perspective. 

According to Kim Drautz, Tarkett Hospitality President, the design team is constantly inspired by the trends observed in fashion, the arts, and self-expression, and set out to explore how these evolving ideas could impact the built environment and hospitality experiences specifically:

“The Expression Collection provides a fresh, inclusive solution, with a new way of looking at pattern and color in designed spaces. The styles form multi-layered expressions that are open-ended and open to personal interpretation with geometrics, brushstrokes, lines, and color. In the end, these are patterns without patterns, designed for continual reinterpretation.”

The 14 patterns of the Expression Collection pull from an earthy color palette of creams, browns, and charcoal, with dashes of sage and fuchsia. Along with the eye-catching blend of abstract, artistic creativity, the Expression Collection can be customized with Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), or tufted constructions, along with a variety of fiber types, texture, color, and pile weight options.

Ideal for fitting specific budget and project requirements, Expression Collection designs can also be made into custom rugs to enhance guest rooms, lobbies, and other open spaces. Tarkett Hospitality launched the Expression Collection in November at the 2022 Boutique Design New York event

For more information on Tarkett Hospitality or Expression Collection, please visit www.TarkettHospitality.com

Industry Insights

Hard Surface in Hospitality 

Offering a stellar combination of luxurious style, supreme durability, and effectiveness at reducing germs, hospitality companies are incorporating more valuable hard surface products into their gorgeous spaces. 

With the travel industry back in full swing and all sectors experiencing high demand worldwide, the hospitality industry is quickly responding to new standards and desires when it comes to providing a quality stay. Consumers have come to expect a level of safety equal to the level of luxury that a hotel provides, and the right type of flooring used for these spaces can go a long way in ensuring a safe, comfortable experience. 

Traditionally, the ideal floors used in hospitality spaces will offer one-of-a-kind, memorable style, as well as supreme durability to both impress guests and handle their collective wear-and-tear. With a greater emphasis on safety and cleanliness now magnified in the flooring selection process, the valuable advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile become increasingly hard to resist. Here are a few of the key reasons that we will continue to see a steady rise in the use of hard surfaces in hospitality spaces:  

Versatile Construction

From lobbies and bars to dining areas and bedrooms, the average hotel features many areas that constantly experience heavy foot traffic and a high turnover rate. Additionally, many hotels are now examining how to reorganize the flow and congregation of guests to provide more space and mitigate the spread of germs. The durability of LVT makes these floors resistant to scratches, stains, and indentations from foot traffic, as well as strong enough to weather repeated cleaning more than other flooring options. Products like iD Latitude Stones offer features such as best-in-class Techtonic™ protection and a 20-mil wear layer ideal for high-traffic spaces.

Many luxury vinyl options such as Progen LVT also offer a higher level of sound reduction to help quiet the foot traffic that a busy hotel will encounter. Better sound reduction helps guests work and unwind more effectively, as well as receive a more restful night’s sleep. These benefits greatly improve a guest’s overall experience and are more likely to be reflected that way in surveys.

iD Latitude Stones & Concrete

The modular characteristics of LVT construction also provide efficient installation, making it an excellent choice for quick remodels in areas that need greater durability and moisture resistance. For instance, Adaptt LVT with SureSet technology is designed to drastically reduce the time and expense of floor installation. The unique sculpted wave backing system allows air and moisture in the subfloor to breathe, so Adaptt can be installed directly over the subfloor without an underlayment. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is pre-applied during manufacturing, so no glue is required on site. Once Adaptt has been installed in a commercial application, it is available for immediate use which greatly reduces the cost of downtime!

Adaptt LVT

Safety/Reducing Germs – In the aftermath of a global pandemic, business and leisure travelers want additional health and safety measures. Keeping rooms and surfaces pristine, clean, and sanitized has always been a top priority for hotels, but this will be even more imperative for the foreseeable future. With new, stricter cleaning guidelines to help battle bacteria and viruses, many hotels are installing more hard surface products that make it easier to keep high-touch surfaces clean and turn sanitized rooms around quicker for guest availability. 

ProGen LVT

Easy to Clean – Nonporous surfaces such as LVT are easier to clean and sanitize since they won’t harbor germs or bacteria in the first place. Unlike carpeting, LVT can be cleaned quickly and efficiently multiple times a day without the need for special equipment and with minimal disruption during 24-hour traffic. Carpet and area rugs can be extremely time-consuming to keep clean and dry, especially with frequent cleanings in-between guests amid new cleaning guidelines. More required cleanings can put additional wear and tear on carpet fibers and backings, whereas LVT presents a low maintenance solution for high-traffic common areas, as well as hotel bathrooms, countertops, vanities, shower surrounds, and even walls.

In the end, the best hotel flooring should be versatile, beautiful, durable, easy to maintain, and easy to repair. Hard surface flooring helps spaces look cleaner and feel larger while helping a cleaning staff cut down on overall cleaning time. LVT not only checks all of the major boxes but is also up to the challenge of giving major hotel chains the fashion-forward aesthetics and low-maintenance solutions they seek!

Design Product Spotlight

All About Axminster Carpet for Hospitality

Whether traveling miles for an overnight stay or attending a professional conference for an afternoon, every guest of a hospitality location will remember a unique, impressive space designed to the nines and fit for royalty. 

Combining the vast capability of industry-leading innovation, premium materials, and dedicated support with the storied legacy of Britain’s oldest, best known, and most prestigious manufacturer of carpets, Tarkett Hospitality offers custom-tailored Axminster Carpets™ that provide clients with superior beauty, clarity, and longevity in an enduring, luxurious woven construction. 

Custom Axminster solutions can be tailored to fit the specific color scheme and needs of any space, are available in 2-ply and 3-ply, and some options feature Sculpt Technology to enhance the carpet with unique multi-level texturing and depth. In fact, any carpet pattern that can be envisioned can become an Axminister construction. These carpets are also available in tiles suitable for all heavy-traffic public applications such as hotels, resorts, and casinos.

Custom Axminster construction

Originally selected and purchased by King George III and Queen Charlotte in 1755, Axminster Carpets have spent over 250 years’ worth of high-profile placement in royal palaces, luxury hotels, sports stadiums, and the poshest private residences. With an impressive heritage as the Desso brand and approved supplier to the leading industry brands, Tarkett Hospitality is a world-leading manufacturer of woven Axminster and has provided customers with the finest-quality flooring since 1935. 

premium-grade virgin wool

It starts with premium-grade virgin wool from New Zealand and Europe, the highest-quality wool on the market. In addition to wool fiber being naturally non-allergenic, sustainable, flame-retardant, and repellant of water and stains, the 80% wool yarn used for Axminster carpets has been third-party tested and proven to provide greater appearance retention, stronger resilience to crushing, and an overall reduction in life-cycle costs. 

Using the latest technology to create designs with outstanding clarity, precision, and definition, Smart Looms can even weave fields, borders, and out-fills as one piece. This not only minimizes weaving time and eliminates the need for onsite border work and mitering, but also minimizes seams, pattern matching, and waste.  Boasting a tighter yarn twist for great pile retention and crush resistance, Axminster carpets provide fast renovation, superior performance, and easy maintenance. 

Tarkett Hospitality’s design team then draws wide-ranging inspiration to create fascinating patterns that are not found anywhere else in the industry. All Axminster yarns are blended, spun, and dyed in-house for superior color saturation, and each blank Axminster canvas can feature up to 16 colors per design, with 480 unique colors to choose from, plus 55 unique gray shades.

Maybe your eyes are drawn to the iconic shapes and patterns of the prestigious Bauhaus art school interpreted in the nowHAUS Collection or the celebration of storied textile traditions and craftspeople rooted in Mexico and Central America within the El Alma Collection. These are just two stunning examples of how Axminster weaving technology provides outstanding beauty and crisp renderings of clear, complex patterns that can liven up any space.

Axminster custom carpet

After the transformative pattern and carpet are complete, Tarkett Hospitality’s dedicated Axminister project managers offer comprehensive support, including the skill of highly qualified CRI-certified Axminster installers to optimize your installation and provide on-site support, training, and full fleet management.

For more information on creating a distinctive Axminster carpet with Tarkett Hospitality’, visit www.TarkettHospitality.com and explore how the specialized team of Axminister designers can bring your vision to life! v

Industry Insights

The Evolving Hotel Industry in 2022 and Beyond

To meet incredible demand, recognize changing demographics, and cater to new preferences, the hotel industry is currently expanding and evolving in many ways that prioritize one-of-a-kind experiences. 

At Tarkett Hospitality, we have always strived to deliver a “wow” moment for our hotel clients and offer a custom design program that uses product, color, and design choices to create one-of-one surfaces, rooms, and spaces that truly tell a story. Combined with Tarkett Hospitality’s human-conscious philosophy that the final surfaces best serve people and the environment, our healthy materials, biophilic designs, and environmentally conscious manufacturing ensure that wellness and sustainability are a part of everything we do.

By positioning our work towards these objectives, it’s easier for our hotel clients to meet the needs and tastes of travelers while navigating the latest industry and travel trends. One thing is for certain, the types of hotel accommodations that travelers can select from are expanding like never before! Here are a few of the exciting developments that we will witness throughout the evolving hotel industry in 2022 and beyond:

Demand & Development

After the lockdowns and travel restrictions of recent years, it’s no secret that everyone is itching to travel again. Since consumers are not taking the ability for granted again, there is a great increase in all travel both nationally and globally and more bucket list trips are rapidly being booked. This demand shows no signs of slowing down and as a result, the hotel industry will boom as the world continues to go back outside! Many hotels used the lengthy lockdown periods to reinvest in construction, renovations, and new developments. Additionally, the continued development of smart hotels and technological innovation will only grow as tech-savvy travelers demand enhanced features such as mobile door keys, online review monitoring, customer service texting and reminders, voice-assisted room functions, self-service bracelets, and more. To cater to more wide-ranging tastes, traditional hotel giants are branching out with new individual hotel brands to offer greater differentiation and value points in the market.

Going Green

Now that Millennials have become the largest generation in the US workforce, the newfound buying power and ideals of this demographic will help shape the hotel industry for the next decade. Millennials have long demonstrated their financial support for brands that go green, manage their environmental impact, and communicate their initiatives publicly to influence other companies and industries to do the same! From removing single-use plastics throughout the hotel experience to monitoring the use of water and sourcing food from local farms, hotels are instituting more sustainable measures to create a greater positive impact on both the local community and society. New hotel builds are also using more clean, eco-friendly products that are certified for indoor air quality, material transparency, and environmental product declarations. 

Competitive vs. Collaborative

Once a shrewd traveler’s secret for finding a less expensive place to stay, Airbnb quickly exploded in the travel world and was perceived as a threat to the traditional hotel industry. Hotel giants have now realized that companies like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Misterb&b are permanent fixtures and can help provide a unique solution to the growing demand. Privately owned Airbnb rentals can be a hit-or-miss experience when it comes to cleanliness, security, timeliness, and overall quality. Most travelers still view hotels as a superior travel experience when it comes to cleanliness, consistency, liability, and customer service. As the Airbnb brand expands as an actual builder and seller of houses, greater corporate ownership paves the way to work in tandem with hotel chains to provide overflow strategy and group sales strategy. To rival the uniqueness of an Airbnb experience, we will also see hotel brands purchase and design more creative, standout properties to break away from the uniform, cookie-cutter look of a standard chain. 

Experience-Based Hotels

Today’s travelers are visiting specific locales and reserving certain hotels around the experiences they crave and their greatest interests. Music-based and sports-based hotel experiences are growing in cities that feature exceptional legacies or followings in either area. For the growing ‘bleisure’ travel segment, hotels are looking to expand leisure offerings after the business portion of a trip is complete. In addition to health, wellness, and yoga retreats, many are looking to staycations to provide a rejuvenating break from daily life without the hassle of long-distance travel. Dog-friendly hotels and pet-friendly amenities in hotel rooms will continue to grow as pet owners insist their favorite furry friends join them in new places. Soon, we will also see more hotels developed around entire brands such as home goods companies, electronics brands, TV and movie franchises, and more interests. 

Whether a traveler is visiting a hotel for business, leisure, or wellness, there is still a premium on a restful stay and receiving an experience that is worth the money to purchase the reservation. Tarkett Hospitality is committed to providing innovative, custom surface solutions that contribute to collective wellbeing and help craft memorable hotels that are shared across social media for all to see! 


Inspiration to Reality with Custom

As the tourism industry opens back up completely and travelers are booking flights and reserving accommodations at a spectacular pace, it’s clear that everyone is ready to  explore the world once again! Similarly, the hospitality industry is also ready to deliver exceptional stays for visitors with artfully designed, unforgettable spaces just begging to be shared on Instagram. 

In order to create a one-of-a-kind feel and give guests the greatest intrinsic return on their stay, hotels and hospitality spaces can lean into custom design that reflects a company or region’s legacy and won’t be found anywhere else. At a time when getting your money’s worth has never more important, Tarkett Hospitality’s custom capabilities gives companies the opportunity to differentiate and showcase their respective identities with gorgeous flooring solutions. 

TH - Blotted Collection
TH - Custom Axminister

Here’s how Tarkett Hospitality turns inspiration into reality with custom:

It starts with Tarkett Hospitality’s close-knit creative design team understanding a hospitality company’s individual history, perspective, and priorities, and balancing these factors with the trends in the market and worldwide.

Next, it’s about tailoring the ultimate design vision of a space within Tarkett Hospitality’s Custom Design Studio and selecting the product, color, and design choices that will work with the client’s flooring budget and keep a low cost-per-key without compromising quality. 

The Custom Design Studio features nearly 3,500 customizable patterns including 105 Running Line patterns, 2,557 Custom patterns, as well as 1,167 patterns across the wide-ranging collections. 

Product types within the Custom Design Studio include Axminister, Dynamics, Intrepid, Legacy, Legacy Plus, LVT, Print, and Vivid

Also, the Tarkett Hospitality Design Team uses wide-ranging inspiration in daily life from travel and cityscapes to nature and patterns to create fascinating Custom Design Collections that are not found anywhere else. These monthly packages of designs based off inspirational trends continue to push the movement of bringing ideas from the outside world into interior spaces. 

Whether it’s the abstract work of Jackson Pollack influencing the Blotted Collection (curated by Margaret O’Brien), drawing from ethereal light streaks and prismatic shapes to produce the Iridescent Sunset Collection (curated by Kristen Evans & Julia Burgess), or using video game technology and science-fiction films to deliver the Virtuality Collection (curated by Lisa Denney), these exciting flooring visuals help companies distinguish themselves, create undeniable first impressions, and foster lasting connections. 

TH - Berry Jam
TH - MetaFLOORphic Collection

In addition to capturing company legacy, working in complete collaboration, and using artistic interpretations with stunning pattern, texture, tones, and illustrations, Tarkett Hospitality uses healthy materials and thoughtful manufacturing processes to ensure these striking, high-quality custom flooring creations are durable and easy to maintain. 

For more information on Tarkett Hospitality’s Custom possibilities, explore the 2022 Tarkett Hospitality Custom Lookbook and how flooring truly can express the imagination!

Industry Insights

Travel Trends in the Hospitality Industry in 2022 

After the past two years of lockdowns, uncertainty, and travel restrictions, the world is opening back up and the hospitality industry is booming once again. While the pandemic severely limited travel for both business and leisure, quarantining reminded everyone to never take the tourism industry for granted again and to seize the opportunity to travel whenever possible. 

In addition to the invaluable benefits of experiencing new cultures and cities that expand our understanding of the world, travel benefits both the global economy as well as the local economies of the communities visited. Currently, online travel searches, flight purchases, and hotel bookings are surging as individuals and families are beyond excited to make up for the lost time. How has the pandemic changed the way that we will travel and reshaped what we desire from hospitality spaces moving forward? 

Here are four developing travel trends in the evolving state of the hospitality industry in 2022:  

Bucket List Trips 

Now that everyone has witnessed how quickly the ability to travel can be taken away, bucket list trips and far away locales are being booked more than ever before. The extended time at home helped many reach the resolve to make visiting their dream destination a reality. In addition to more trips being booked further miles away, travelers are booking more luxury experiences. Many exotic locations experienced a greater number of summer bookings ahead of schedule.

For the hospitality industry, this means that designing one-of-a-kind spaces and creating unforgettable impressions is a tremendous priority. Tarkett Hospitality’s custom design program offering wide-ranging product, color, and design choices without compromising quality gives hotels the ability to craft gorgeous unique spaces that visitors will share on social media and share with everyone they know. 

TH - Axminister
TH - Chicago Hilton Towers

Big Cities Are Back

Big cities and their respective dining, nightlife, and attractions took a massive hit during the pandemic as guidelines called for vastly reduced capacities or shutdowns altogether. Now, bustling US cities including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, and many more have experienced a surge in flight and hotel reservations in 2022 that shows no signs of slowing down. 

Summertime travel deals are making it easier for visitors to descend upon these prime cities, which coincides perfectly with the 2022 travel trend of longer hotel stays and longer travel itineraries. Many big-city luxury hotels offer much more affordable rates during summer which makes these trips even more attractive to travelers itching for an amazing experience. 

Emphasis On Wellness 

It’s no secret that the pandemic brought health and wellbeing to the forefront, and summer 2022 travel plans certainly reflect that. Travel agencies are finding that wellness activities and wellness-centric travel are a top priority this warm season, which includes immersive cultural experiences, outdoor physical activities, healthier dining, disconnecting from devices more, spa treatments, and better sleep! From yoga retreats and outdoor excursions to hotels with onsite spa facilities, searches for wellness-related amenities and travel are up and will look different for each traveler. 

In 2022, Tarkett Hospitality has already sponsored industry wellness discussions where attendees learn how hospitality brands are integrating wellness and sustainability into their projects and what more the industry can do. This correlates with a greater hospitality emphasis on biophilic design to reflect beautiful, sustainable environments that support health, wealth, and enhance the quality of life and performance.

Thoughtful Hotel Priorities  

It should also come as no surprise that the pandemic has placed an incredibly high priority on convenience, contact-less functions, cleanliness, and sustainability when it comes to hotel stays and hospitality spaces. The traditional process of checking in and getting physical room keys will continue to give way to mobile check-ins and check-outs, digital smartphone keys, email communication, and text notifications. In addition to convenience, these methods reduce the risk of germs and make hospitality brands come across as more thoughtful, progressive, and desirable to travelers. 

Although cleanliness has always been the most important expectation for a hotel stay, rigorous hygiene and cleaning service have never been higher priorities! In addition to being more germ conscious, travelers are more environmentally conscious to counter the effects of climate change. Eco-friendly hotels that communicate a commitment to health and the planet through paperless policies, using sustainable products, and harnessing more solar energy will continue to have the advantage in a growing competitive accommodations market. 

Tarkett Hospitality’s human-conscious design and flooring philosophy ensure that the final surfaces best serve people and the environment. By using healthy materials, thoughtful design, and environmentally conscious manufacturing, Tarkett Hospitality helps to achieve superior indoor air quality through flooring as well as creating hospitality flooring that is easier to keep clean with fewer allergens. 

No matter how travel trends change throughout summer 2022 and beyond, a human-conscious design approach helps reassure travelers and hospitality employees alike as world travel opens back up. Tarkett Hospitality is committed to providing innovative, custom surface solutions that contribute to the health and well-being of all. It’s time to update our passports, open our hearts, connect with other people, cities, and countries, and cherish the ability to travel once more.


Recap: Tarkett Hospitality Takes Las Vegas & Hosts Customer Event! 

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It feels great to be back! After the past couple of years of uncertainty surrounding travel, events, and hosting during the COVID pandemic, it was truly incredible to meet face-to-face with customers this past April 26th through April 28th at the Tarkett Hospitality customer event and showcase in Las Vegas, NV. 

In addition to sponsoring and providing carpet for the DesignWell Pavilion during the HD Expo+ Conference, where attendees learn how brands are integrating wellness and sustainability into their projects and what more the industry can do, Tarkett Hospitality’s presence signaled that the industry is getting back to business!

The public interest in health and wellbeing has never been greater amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Tarkett Hospitality shares the ultimate goals of sourcing, designing, and thinking smarter. In addition to the valuable discovery, knowledge-sharing, networking, and inspiration that always takes place at in-person events, this event highlighted the latest products, services, and innovative development.

A group of people in a room

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Attendees got to experience products in person the same way that guests will in the future! This includes the launch of Tarkett Hospitality’s Blotted Collection, a new custom broadloom collection inspired by the abstract expression movement popularized by American painter Jackson Pollack, which juxtaposes soft, airy, delicate textures with expressive, erratic lines to create eleven unforgettable patterns:

A picture containing indoor, floor, bedclothes

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Blotted Collection is available in Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), and tufted, is fully customizable across a suite of constructions, colors, textures, and pile weights, and includes rugs as well. The energy of the show-stopping carpet certainly matched the buzz of insightful discussions and innovative ideas that permeated the air!

In addition to hosting all visitors with food and beverages, Tarkett Hospitality invited ten customers back to attend a special VOC (Voice of Customer) morning session. These VOC sessions are invaluable as attendees provide feedback on specific new color lines of several products, as well as feedback on many additional new products and programs. 

A group of people in a room

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The customer turnout throughout the Tarkett Hospitality space was tremendous and it’s safe to say that the event was a smashing success. Thank you to all who visited and provided feedback in Las Vegas!For more information about future Tarkett Hospitality events and sponsorships, contact the Tarkett Hospitality event & media team.