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Hard Surface in Hospitality 

Offering a stellar combination of luxurious style, supreme durability, and effectiveness at reducing germs, hospitality companies are incorporating more valuable hard surface products into their gorgeous spaces. 

With the travel industry back in full swing and all sectors experiencing high demand worldwide, the hospitality industry is quickly responding to new standards and desires when it comes to providing a quality stay. Consumers have come to expect a level of safety equal to the level of luxury that a hotel provides, and the right type of flooring used for these spaces can go a long way in ensuring a safe, comfortable experience. 

Traditionally, the ideal floors used in hospitality spaces will offer one-of-a-kind, memorable style, as well as supreme durability to both impress guests and handle their collective wear-and-tear. With a greater emphasis on safety and cleanliness now magnified in the flooring selection process, the valuable advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile become increasingly hard to resist. Here are a few of the key reasons that we will continue to see a steady rise in the use of hard surfaces in hospitality spaces:  

Versatile Construction

From lobbies and bars to dining areas and bedrooms, the average hotel features many areas that constantly experience heavy foot traffic and a high turnover rate. Additionally, many hotels are now examining how to reorganize the flow and congregation of guests to provide more space and mitigate the spread of germs. The durability of LVT makes these floors resistant to scratches, stains, and indentations from foot traffic, as well as strong enough to weather repeated cleaning more than other flooring options. Products like iD Latitude Stones offer features such as best-in-class Techtonic™ protection and a 20-mil wear layer ideal for high-traffic spaces.

Many luxury vinyl options such as Progen LVT also offer a higher level of sound reduction to help quiet the foot traffic that a busy hotel will encounter. Better sound reduction helps guests work and unwind more effectively, as well as receive a more restful night’s sleep. These benefits greatly improve a guest’s overall experience and are more likely to be reflected that way in surveys.

iD Latitude Stones & Concrete

The modular characteristics of LVT construction also provide efficient installation, making it an excellent choice for quick remodels in areas that need greater durability and moisture resistance. For instance, Adaptt LVT with SureSet technology is designed to drastically reduce the time and expense of floor installation. The unique sculpted wave backing system allows air and moisture in the subfloor to breathe, so Adaptt can be installed directly over the subfloor without an underlayment. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is pre-applied during manufacturing, so no glue is required on site. Once Adaptt has been installed in a commercial application, it is available for immediate use which greatly reduces the cost of downtime!

Adaptt LVT

Safety/Reducing Germs – In the aftermath of a global pandemic, business and leisure travelers want additional health and safety measures. Keeping rooms and surfaces pristine, clean, and sanitized has always been a top priority for hotels, but this will be even more imperative for the foreseeable future. With new, stricter cleaning guidelines to help battle bacteria and viruses, many hotels are installing more hard surface products that make it easier to keep high-touch surfaces clean and turn sanitized rooms around quicker for guest availability. 

ProGen LVT

Easy to Clean – Nonporous surfaces such as LVT are easier to clean and sanitize since they won’t harbor germs or bacteria in the first place. Unlike carpeting, LVT can be cleaned quickly and efficiently multiple times a day without the need for special equipment and with minimal disruption during 24-hour traffic. Carpet and area rugs can be extremely time-consuming to keep clean and dry, especially with frequent cleanings in-between guests amid new cleaning guidelines. More required cleanings can put additional wear and tear on carpet fibers and backings, whereas LVT presents a low maintenance solution for high-traffic common areas, as well as hotel bathrooms, countertops, vanities, shower surrounds, and even walls.

In the end, the best hotel flooring should be versatile, beautiful, durable, easy to maintain, and easy to repair. Hard surface flooring helps spaces look cleaner and feel larger while helping a cleaning staff cut down on overall cleaning time. LVT not only checks all of the major boxes but is also up to the challenge of giving major hotel chains the fashion-forward aesthetics and low-maintenance solutions they seek!