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Inspiration Behind Monthly Design Trends: Meet the Team

Each month our design team creates a package of designs that are based off inspirational trends. This month, we focus our inspiration on transformation with MetaFLOORphic.

Whether it’s witnessing an iridescent sunset at the end of the day or marveling at the unique construction of mushrooms on an afternoon hike through nature, textile inspiration can come from virtually any source, at any time.

For the Tarkett Hospitality Design Team, locations, travel, cityscapes, nature, and patterns found in daily life become the immediate sources for a curated monthly collection inspired by the world around us. In addition to helping create exciting flooring visuals, this exercise helps the close-knit team of artists and visually driven people remember why they began their creative line of work in the first place:

“Every month we do what we call a virtual studio session, where we’ll do a little art project so that we don’t lose our touch with art as a basic building block for what we do every day,” explains Amy Jaekel, Creative Director. With 21 years of design experience under her belt, Amy recognizes the value of being present and ready for the next great idea:

“Most of our inspiration comes from things that we see in our daily life. Walking down the street, you’ll see a pattern, take a picture, and then we’ll make a carpet pattern. We’ll create art together as a team and use a lot of the art we create to push these trends forward.”

For the March 2022 MetaFLOORphic Collection curated by Mary Wise, the dynamic change the world has undergone in the last few years mirrors the process of metamorphic rocks. Just as the earth produces pressures that create rocks and diamonds, the pressure placed on humans can lead to magical creations mimicking the beautiful stones.


MetaFLOORphic explores the paradox of hard surface motifs and textures such as terrazzo, inlaid tile, and rock that can be woven and tufted to create a soft surface. These stunning visuals represent a combination of respect for decades of natural beauty and artistic innovation that shows no signs of slowing down:

“The future of hospitality design is just bringing ideas from the outside into the interior spaces,” explains Sayward Smith, Hospitality Designer. “When our trend was New York Cityscapes, we were bringing lights and buildings, basically New York life on your carpet- and it’s just a really beautiful collection.”

In April of 2021, the City Focus: New York Collection curated by Lisa Denney served as an ode to one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Showcasing interpretations of the culture, shops, restaurants, art museums, and bustle of life, each piece used gorgeous pattern, texture, tones, and illustrations to capture the unmistakable vibrations of New York.

“Our monthly studio sessions help with boosting creativity throughout all of our designers, and usually our studio sessions end up becoming our own monthly trend collections as well,” explains Julia Ballew, Hospitality Designer.

For Jaekel, these awe-inspiring monthly collections are a reflection of the extremely special group that Tarkett has assembled:

“The Design Team at Tarkett Hospitality is amazing. They are a wonderful group of women with incredible talents, very creative in all different ways. We’re a very close-knit team and we work really well together with our other internal departments and our clients. So, the creativity that comes out of that whole team, is what makes us who we are.”