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New Collection Launch: Expression

Taking cues from groundbreakers in music and high fashion, our brand-new Expression Collection presents an inclusive, multi-layered design evolution that emphasizes self-expression. 

Gone are the days of ‘traditional’ in today’s world of design! Spurning conventional gender-specific colors and design elements, a growing number of modern hospitality spaces reflect the evolving notions of masculine and feminine aesthetics.

Rather than adhere to rigid style definitions, the blurring of décor rules can help designers create unique spaces, which makes guests from all walks of life feel welcome. The Tarkett Hospitality Design Team strives to examine expressive, multi-layered visuals through the art of textiles. 

With this thoughtful guiding inspiration, Tarkett Hospitality’s eclectic, individualistic, and multifaceted Expression Collection marks an exciting custom-carpet debut that allows all visitors to walk away with a unique experience and perspective. 

According to Kim Drautz, Tarkett Hospitality President, the design team is constantly inspired by the trends observed in fashion, the arts, and self-expression, and set out to explore how these evolving ideas could impact the built environment and hospitality experiences specifically:

“The Expression Collection provides a fresh, inclusive solution, with a new way of looking at pattern and color in designed spaces. The styles form multi-layered expressions that are open-ended and open to personal interpretation with geometrics, brushstrokes, lines, and color. In the end, these are patterns without patterns, designed for continual reinterpretation.”

The 14 patterns of the Expression Collection pull from an earthy color palette of creams, browns, and charcoal, with dashes of sage and fuchsia. Along with the eye-catching blend of abstract, artistic creativity, the Expression Collection can be customized with Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), or tufted constructions, along with a variety of fiber types, texture, color, and pile weight options.

Ideal for fitting specific budget and project requirements, Expression Collection designs can also be made into custom rugs to enhance guest rooms, lobbies, and other open spaces. Tarkett Hospitality launched the Expression Collection in November at the 2022 Boutique Design New York event

For more information on Tarkett Hospitality or Expression Collection, please visit www.TarkettHospitality.com

Design Product Spotlight

All About Axminster Carpet for Hospitality

Whether traveling miles for an overnight stay or attending a professional conference for an afternoon, every guest of a hospitality location will remember a unique, impressive space designed to the nines and fit for royalty. 

Combining the vast capability of industry-leading innovation, premium materials, and dedicated support with the storied legacy of Britain’s oldest, best known, and most prestigious manufacturer of carpets, Tarkett Hospitality offers custom-tailored Axminster Carpets™ that provide clients with superior beauty, clarity, and longevity in an enduring, luxurious woven construction. 

Custom Axminster solutions can be tailored to fit the specific color scheme and needs of any space, are available in 2-ply and 3-ply, and some options feature Sculpt Technology to enhance the carpet with unique multi-level texturing and depth. In fact, any carpet pattern that can be envisioned can become an Axminister construction. These carpets are also available in tiles suitable for all heavy-traffic public applications such as hotels, resorts, and casinos.

Custom Axminster construction

Originally selected and purchased by King George III and Queen Charlotte in 1755, Axminster Carpets have spent over 250 years’ worth of high-profile placement in royal palaces, luxury hotels, sports stadiums, and the poshest private residences. With an impressive heritage as the Desso brand and approved supplier to the leading industry brands, Tarkett Hospitality is a world-leading manufacturer of woven Axminster and has provided customers with the finest-quality flooring since 1935. 

premium-grade virgin wool

It starts with premium-grade virgin wool from New Zealand and Europe, the highest-quality wool on the market. In addition to wool fiber being naturally non-allergenic, sustainable, flame-retardant, and repellant of water and stains, the 80% wool yarn used for Axminster carpets has been third-party tested and proven to provide greater appearance retention, stronger resilience to crushing, and an overall reduction in life-cycle costs. 

Using the latest technology to create designs with outstanding clarity, precision, and definition, Smart Looms can even weave fields, borders, and out-fills as one piece. This not only minimizes weaving time and eliminates the need for onsite border work and mitering, but also minimizes seams, pattern matching, and waste.  Boasting a tighter yarn twist for great pile retention and crush resistance, Axminster carpets provide fast renovation, superior performance, and easy maintenance. 

Tarkett Hospitality’s design team then draws wide-ranging inspiration to create fascinating patterns that are not found anywhere else in the industry. All Axminster yarns are blended, spun, and dyed in-house for superior color saturation, and each blank Axminster canvas can feature up to 16 colors per design, with 480 unique colors to choose from, plus 55 unique gray shades.

Maybe your eyes are drawn to the iconic shapes and patterns of the prestigious Bauhaus art school interpreted in the nowHAUS Collection or the celebration of storied textile traditions and craftspeople rooted in Mexico and Central America within the El Alma Collection. These are just two stunning examples of how Axminster weaving technology provides outstanding beauty and crisp renderings of clear, complex patterns that can liven up any space.

Axminster custom carpet

After the transformative pattern and carpet are complete, Tarkett Hospitality’s dedicated Axminister project managers offer comprehensive support, including the skill of highly qualified CRI-certified Axminster installers to optimize your installation and provide on-site support, training, and full fleet management.

For more information on creating a distinctive Axminster carpet with Tarkett Hospitality’, visit www.TarkettHospitality.com and explore how the specialized team of Axminister designers can bring your vision to life! v

Product Spotlight

The Inspiration Behind Tarkett Hospitality’s Blotted Collection

The Inspiration Behind Tarkett Hospitality’s Blotted Collection

When it comes to finding creative inspiration for the Tarkett Hospitality Design Team, participating in monthly studio sessions is the perfect way to decompress from the pace of the modern business world while remaining connected as a team and to their collective artistic passions. Each studio session is centered around a specific theme with the resulting works curated into a Monthly Trend Collection.


For this specific session, the team studied the work of Jackson Pollock, the influential American painter who was a significant figure in the abstract expressionist art movement. Pollock’s technique, which typically involved pouring paint straight from a can or along a stick onto a canvas lying horizontally on the floor, was known as the “drip technique.”
According to Amy Jaekel, creative director for Tarkett Hospitality, Pollock’s all-over drip paintings were a huge source of creative inspiration for the design team. However, the chaotic nature of his paintings are so extreme, they rarely provide the viewer’s eye a chance to relax.

Tarkett Hospitality designers decided to take a fresher approach and played with mark-making using watercolor, charcoal, Sumi ink, pen, and Gouache acrylic in a palette of traditional colors, along with softer mediums and open spaces to better create all-over designs (below) that allow viewers to “breathe” while taking in the artistic presentation:

“Most of our inspiration comes from things that we see in our daily life. Walking down the street, you’ll see a pattern, take a picture, and then we’ll make a carpet pattern. We’ll create art together as a team and use a lot of the art we create to push these trends forward.”

For the March 2022 MetaFLOORphic Collection curated by Mary Wise, the dynamic change the world has undergone in the last few years mirrors the process of metamorphic rocks. Just as the earth produces pressures that create rocks and diamonds, the pressure placed on humans can lead to magical creations mimicking the beautiful stones.

The result was so stunning that Tarkett Hospitality transformed the studio artwork into a collection of 11 carpet patterns that balance chaos with a sense of unwinding and release that bring today’s hospitality environments alive with airy appeal.

Officially launched at the 2022 Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas, the Blotted Collection was presented in complementary patterns of warm neutrals with dramatic slashes of black. Tarkett Hospitality offers clients the ability to customize the designs to fit specific budget and project requirements. Designers can select from Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), or tufted constructions, along with a variety of fiber types, textures, colors, and pile weights. The Blotted patterns can also be crafted into custom rugs to enhance guest rooms, lobbies, and other open spaces.

Explore all the breathtaking Blotted Collection options on our website and download the brochure. You can also play with different colors to create your own Blotted design by visiting our online Custom Design Studio.