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Tarkett Hospitality: What’s To Come For 2023

When the hospitality industry reopened completely in 2022, Tarkett Hospitality took advantage of a full year brimming with opportunity. Now, it’s time to look ahead to what an exciting 2023 has in store…

From collection launches and program expansions to attending events and sponsoring booths with immersive experiences, 2022 was all about getting back into the full swing of things for Tarkett Hospitality.

After a multi-year pandemic that caused uncertainty for the entire hospitality industry, Tarkett Hospitality was able to grow brand awareness, accomplish numerous objectives, as well as fill key roles within the company amid personnel departures.

One of the significant developments in the latter half of 2022 was the promotion of Amber Osiecki as Tarkett Hospitality’s newest Director of Creative Design. With her impressive design background and successful turn as Tarkett Hospitality Account Executive covering the DC Metro Market, Amber is a perfect fit for the role!

As Director, Osiecki works with the talented Tarkett Hospitality Design Team to forecast trends in the hospitality industry and the evolution of hospitality design, and then find ways to incorporate these eye-catching visuals into the quality and performance of functional products for the spaces they serve.

In this quick sit-down, Amber takes a moment to identify the emerging trends of 2022 that will continue to expand in the coming months, as well as outline some of the important company goals moving forward:

What are trends observed in 2022 that will influence what Tarkett Hospitality does in 2023?

Amber Osiecki: Maximalism is a trend that was exciting to see in 2022. Layering, collections, mixing old and new, bold color, and the concept of ‘more is more’. We will still see some of this in 2023, the layering upon layering of pattern and bold colors.

Curves came back and they are staying. We saw it come into residential design during the pandemic: soft lines and elegant curves created spaces of comfort during hard times. These curves are not going away. They lend a touch of sophistication, movement, and fluidity to spaces.

Brown is making a re-emergence. Grey has dominated the neutral palette for some time now, but the warmth of brown in rich colors plays well with other bold colors. Brown grounds spaces, and like green, brings a touch of biophilia to spaces.

How will Tarkett Hospitality incorporate these trends in 2023?

AO: We will not be afraid of color, even in running-line products. It is so easy to recolor our running line, so color should not be a detractor, but instead be more of an inspiration.

We are rolling out a new running line carpet tile with the curves you see in our Custom Nowhaus Collection. We also just rolled out a new Stacy Garcia running line with bold curves called Bridge (below).

Curves trend in hospitality, carpet for hotels

As you saw in our Expression Collection, the neutral tones we used in this collection were dominated by browns and whites, with accents of black. Rich, deep browns that almost read puce or plum will become the new black in many colorways.

What are the key goals for Tarkett Hospitality in 2023? Are there any exciting Tarkett Hospitality product launches or expansions coming in 2023?

AO: You will see a focus on casinos with our new Axminster Carpet Tile Collections in multiple colorways as well as running line Hospitality Carpet Tile with a very luxurious look and feel. We are working with more and more design firms on custom carpet tile as an option, which gives designers many more options in construction type, budget, and style from Tarkett Hospitality.

Throughout 2023, also look for Tarkett Hospitality to network and have a major presence within industry-leading events and conferences including Boutique Design New York (BDNY), Hospitality Design Forum Series including Winter, Summer, and Fall Forums, Hospitality Design CitySCENE in key markets, and NEWH, The Hospitality Industry Network.

Make sure to follow Tarkett Hospitality profiles on both Facebook and LinkedIn to catch everything in store for 2023, and for more information about future Tarkett Hospitality events, contact the Tarkett Hospitality event & media team!


Recap: Tarkett Hospitality Takes Las Vegas & Hosts Customer Event! 

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It feels great to be back! After the past couple of years of uncertainty surrounding travel, events, and hosting during the COVID pandemic, it was truly incredible to meet face-to-face with customers this past April 26th through April 28th at the Tarkett Hospitality customer event and showcase in Las Vegas, NV. 

In addition to sponsoring and providing carpet for the DesignWell Pavilion during the HD Expo+ Conference, where attendees learn how brands are integrating wellness and sustainability into their projects and what more the industry can do, Tarkett Hospitality’s presence signaled that the industry is getting back to business!

The public interest in health and wellbeing has never been greater amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Tarkett Hospitality shares the ultimate goals of sourcing, designing, and thinking smarter. In addition to the valuable discovery, knowledge-sharing, networking, and inspiration that always takes place at in-person events, this event highlighted the latest products, services, and innovative development.

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Attendees got to experience products in person the same way that guests will in the future! This includes the launch of Tarkett Hospitality’s Blotted Collection, a new custom broadloom collection inspired by the abstract expression movement popularized by American painter Jackson Pollack, which juxtaposes soft, airy, delicate textures with expressive, erratic lines to create eleven unforgettable patterns:

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Blotted Collection is available in Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), and tufted, is fully customizable across a suite of constructions, colors, textures, and pile weights, and includes rugs as well. The energy of the show-stopping carpet certainly matched the buzz of insightful discussions and innovative ideas that permeated the air!

In addition to hosting all visitors with food and beverages, Tarkett Hospitality invited ten customers back to attend a special VOC (Voice of Customer) morning session. These VOC sessions are invaluable as attendees provide feedback on specific new color lines of several products, as well as feedback on many additional new products and programs. 

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The customer turnout throughout the Tarkett Hospitality space was tremendous and it’s safe to say that the event was a smashing success. Thank you to all who visited and provided feedback in Las Vegas!For more information about future Tarkett Hospitality events and sponsorships, contact the Tarkett Hospitality event & media team.