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Our Top Three Favorite Projects

Our Top Three Favorite Projects


Tarkett Hospitality helps design cohesive spaces for each individual client that embrace guests and provide a lasting impression. The experienced design team customizes dazzling patterns for every fabulous space.

From the rich heritage of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe to iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s personal yacht, every hospitality project comes with a unique backstory and inspiration that Tarkett Hospitality will use to help bring an ultimate vision to life.

With one of the widest product portfolios found in the industry, Tarkett Hospitality also boasts multiple design machine types to fit any budget and every skilled designer knows how to design on each machine type! No two installations are the same and this superior customization capability and vast product selection are used to accomplish the best results, one surface at a time.

As we continue to serve countries around the world with one-of-a-kind installations and visuals, here are three of our favorite stateside projects:


Moshulu – Philadelphia, PA

Can you imagine a luxurious dining experience at a floating restaurant set inside a historic ship? Inspired by unique dining abroad Ralph Lauren’s personal yacht, Moshulu restaurant at Penn’s Landing on the Delaware River delivers unforgettable meals in a truly breathtaking setting!

Tarkett Hospitality was honored to create the richly hued custom carpet that enhanced the dining room renovation completed by Barbara Balongue of Balongue Design. Using Tarkett Hospitality’s Digital Dye Injection (DDI) technology that can incorporate up to fourteen colors, radiant shades of purple, orange, and pink pair with white and black in a varied pattern inspired by the brilliant colors found in coral reefs.

Along with Mermaid-inspired wallcoverings and a gold and black marble captain’s dining table, the high-precision printing paired with Tarkett Hospitality’s luxurious tufted broadloom to produce a swirling, eye-catching carpet that completed the amazing space. With incredible views, spectacular décor, and some of the city’s most acclaimed dishes, Moshulu features award-winning contemporary American cuisine and offers its guests one of the most spectacular dining experiences in the entire city.

7 Cedars Hotel – Sequim, WA

With an over 100-year legacy within Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe owns the 7 Cedars Hotel and Casino in Sequim, WA through Tribal and Resort Enterprises. Tarkett Hospitality had the honor of being selected by design firm Rice Fergus Miller to craft the custom carpet for one hundred hotel guest rooms that celebrate the heritage of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe.


Before guests reach their hotel rooms, the thoughtful hotel design and architecture pay tribute to the history, beauty, and authenticity of the community’s natural surroundings. In fact, each floor of the 7 Cedars Hotel is themed with a specific natural element to reflect the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the richness of the tribe’s culture.
Using Tarkett Hospitaliity’s superior custom carpet technology, the collaborative efforts with Rice Fergus Miller produced custom carpets to visually express the history, reverence, and emotional connection the Jamestown Tribe has with nature. This included consulting with Tribal Council Chairman/CEO Ron Allen to learn about the tribe’s 2,000-year tradition of cedar hat weaving.


By loaning several cedar hats from his personal collection, Allen helped illustrate how the hand-woven and painted hats beautifully expressed the Jamestown Tribe’s respect for nature and provided the perfect inspiration for the custom carpet. The cedar-hat-inspired design was then expanded to incorporate coordinating patterns that used the individual elements of water, trees, and sky specifically assigned to each floor.

Four Seasons Hotel – Chicago, IL

For Kim Drautz, President of Tarkett Hospitality, one of her favorite installations almost didn’t come to fruition. While a pandemic surged in 2020 and shook the hospitality industry with travel restrictions and uncertainty, many design firms were eager to see what the next move would be for their upcoming projects. Waiting with the rest of the Tarkett Hospitality Design Team to see if the Chicago Four Seasons Hotel installation would receive the green light, Drautz hoped they would get the chance to work with one of her favorite clients:

“Maybe that’s why it’s so special and that it still happened. We were kind of waiting to see if it was going to install and open per schedule” Drautz recalls. “ The Four Seasons is a franchise that is based out of Toronto, Canada and it is one of the most brilliant franchise companies that we work with. They have a design philosophy that is second to none. They have very high standards. They create designs with us, and this stands out in particular because of the large-scale patterns that are in the property both in the ballroom and multiple breadths, down to the grand staircase to the borders that border it.”

“It’s a really intricate design. It looks simple when you look at it. It’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous, it’s sophisticated, but it was very technical in how we had to tuft it and make sure the panels were side-matching and correct. So, it was an interesting job from the aspect that it was somewhat difficult, but when you see the end result and you see how it all came together and how beautiful it is on the floor, that’s just why we do this, right? It’s so gratifying to see the product installed.”
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The Inspiration Behind Tarkett Hospitality’s Blotted Collection

The Inspiration Behind Tarkett Hospitality’s Blotted Collection

When it comes to finding creative inspiration for the Tarkett Hospitality Design Team, participating in monthly studio sessions is the perfect way to decompress from the pace of the modern business world while remaining connected as a team and to their collective artistic passions. Each studio session is centered around a specific theme with the resulting works curated into a Monthly Trend Collection.


For this specific session, the team studied the work of Jackson Pollock, the influential American painter who was a significant figure in the abstract expressionist art movement. Pollock’s technique, which typically involved pouring paint straight from a can or along a stick onto a canvas lying horizontally on the floor, was known as the “drip technique.”
According to Amy Jaekel, creative director for Tarkett Hospitality, Pollock’s all-over drip paintings were a huge source of creative inspiration for the design team. However, the chaotic nature of his paintings are so extreme, they rarely provide the viewer’s eye a chance to relax.

Tarkett Hospitality designers decided to take a fresher approach and played with mark-making using watercolor, charcoal, Sumi ink, pen, and Gouache acrylic in a palette of traditional colors, along with softer mediums and open spaces to better create all-over designs (below) that allow viewers to “breathe” while taking in the artistic presentation:

“Most of our inspiration comes from things that we see in our daily life. Walking down the street, you’ll see a pattern, take a picture, and then we’ll make a carpet pattern. We’ll create art together as a team and use a lot of the art we create to push these trends forward.”

For the March 2022 MetaFLOORphic Collection curated by Mary Wise, the dynamic change the world has undergone in the last few years mirrors the process of metamorphic rocks. Just as the earth produces pressures that create rocks and diamonds, the pressure placed on humans can lead to magical creations mimicking the beautiful stones.

The result was so stunning that Tarkett Hospitality transformed the studio artwork into a collection of 11 carpet patterns that balance chaos with a sense of unwinding and release that bring today’s hospitality environments alive with airy appeal.

Officially launched at the 2022 Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas, the Blotted Collection was presented in complementary patterns of warm neutrals with dramatic slashes of black. Tarkett Hospitality offers clients the ability to customize the designs to fit specific budget and project requirements. Designers can select from Axminster woven, Digital Dye Injection (DDI), or tufted constructions, along with a variety of fiber types, textures, colors, and pile weights. The Blotted patterns can also be crafted into custom rugs to enhance guest rooms, lobbies, and other open spaces.

Explore all the breathtaking Blotted Collection options on our website and download the brochure. You can also play with different colors to create your own Blotted design by visiting our online Custom Design Studio.

Inspiration Behind Monthly Design Trends

Inspiration Behind Monthly Design Trends: Meet the Team

Each month our design team creates a package of designs that are based off inspirational trends. This month, we focus our inspiration on transformation with MetaFLOORphic.

Whether it’s witnessing an iridescent sunset at the end of the day or marveling at the unique construction of mushrooms on an afternoon hike through nature, textile inspiration can come from virtually any source, at any time.

For the Tarkett Hospitality Design Team, locations, travel, cityscapes, nature, and patterns found in daily life become the immediate sources for a curated monthly collection inspired by the world around us. In addition to helping create exciting flooring visuals, this exercise helps the close-knit team of artists and visually driven people remember why they began their creative line of work in the first place:

“Every month we do what we call a virtual studio session, where we’ll do a little art project so that we don’t lose our touch with art as a basic building block for what we do every day,” explains Amy Jaekel, Creative Director. With 21 years of design experience under her belt, Amy recognizes the value of being present and ready for the next great idea:

“Most of our inspiration comes from things that we see in our daily life. Walking down the street, you’ll see a pattern, take a picture, and then we’ll make a carpet pattern. We’ll create art together as a team and use a lot of the art we create to push these trends forward.”

For the March 2022 MetaFLOORphic Collection curated by Mary Wise, the dynamic change the world has undergone in the last few years mirrors the process of metamorphic rocks. Just as the earth produces pressures that create rocks and diamonds, the pressure placed on humans can lead to magical creations mimicking the beautiful stones.


MetaFLOORphic explores the paradox of hard surface motifs and textures such as terrazzo, inlaid tile, and rock that can be woven and tufted to create a soft surface. These stunning visuals represent a combination of respect for decades of natural beauty and artistic innovation that shows no signs of slowing down:

“The future of hospitality design is just bringing ideas from the outside into the interior spaces,” explains Sayward Smith, Hospitality Designer. “When our trend was New York Cityscapes, we were bringing lights and buildings, basically New York life on your carpet- and it’s just a really beautiful collection.”

In April of 2021, the City Focus: New York Collection curated by Lisa Denney served as an ode to one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Showcasing interpretations of the culture, shops, restaurants, art museums, and bustle of life, each piece used gorgeous pattern, texture, tones, and illustrations to capture the unmistakable vibrations of New York.

“Our monthly studio sessions help with boosting creativity throughout all of our designers, and usually our studio sessions end up becoming our own monthly trend collections as well,” explains Julia Ballew, Hospitality Designer.

For Jaekel, these awe-inspiring monthly collections are a reflection of the extremely special group that Tarkett has assembled:

“The Design Team at Tarkett Hospitality is amazing. They are a wonderful group of women with incredible talents, very creative in all different ways. We’re a very close-knit team and we work really well together with our other internal departments and our clients. So, the creativity that comes out of that whole team, is what makes us who we are.”